How Mice Get in Your House

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No home owner wants an infestation of any kind. That includes mice. During cooler months, mice will start to look for an escape from the cold weather outside and try to find somewhere to live and reproduce. Don’t let that be your home!

There are a few common ways for a mouse to enter your home. You need to be aware of how mice reach the inside of a house and how you can prevent it from happening in your home.


Here are a few of the ways a mouse could be able to reach the inside of your home and build a nest or home:


Mice can squeeze through extremely tiny holes and cracks. Their bodies and bones are able to contract and contort to fit through tight spaces and entryways. This means you need to watch out for large and small holes in the foundation of your home.

Look for cracks and holes in the walls and in the floors too.

You should seal concrete and cement around the foundation of your home and patch up holes in the wall with drywall and repair kits. Install new floorboards and carpet as needed.


Mice will also find their way into your home through a crack in the roof or ceiling as well as cracks in or near windows in your home. Be sure your windows are properly sealed during cooler months and inspect your attic for any cracks in the roof above.


Mice have also been known to enter a home through plumbing and sewage lines. If drainage pipes are not sealed correct, a mouse could enter through a sink or bathtub drain too. Be sure to inspect your plumbing entering the fall season to ensure there are no gaps that would allow a mouse to sneak in.

You can see that mice are very crafty and will find a way in your home if they can. You need to inspect your home thoroughly before cooler months. You can also place mouse traps strategically in areas you expect might be susceptible.

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Carpet vs Hardwood Floor

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hardwood floor

The latest trend in home design is hardwood floor. Millennial homeowners and new homeowners often choose hardwood for the floor in their home. There are still many homeowners that prefer carpet though for its comfort and color.

Is carpet or hardwood floor a preference or is one type of flooring better than the other? Let’s compare the benefits of carpet vs. hardwood floor:

Benefits of Hardwood Floor

If you prefer contemporary style, then you will probably prefer hardwood floor in your home. The smooth surface and refinished wood create modern style for your living space. You can then complement the hardwood floor with a colorful area rug to liven up the appearance.

Another benefit of hardwood floor is that it does not stain. You can spill liquids on hardwood or track in mud and dirt and just use a mop or broom to remove the spill or debris from the floor.

You will also love that hardwood floor lasts forever if you take good care of it. You can refinish it every few years if needed but as long as you avoid dents and chips in the wood the floor will last forever. This is a benefit over carpet since carpet only lasts around 10 years before it will need to be replaced.

If you live with pets, you might prefer hardwood floors. You will want to trim their nails on a regular basis to avoid scratching the wood but otherwise their pet hair will be easier to remove from hardwood floor and there is no risk of pet urine stains on hardwood floors.

Benefits of Carpet

There is no denying that carpet is more comfortable than hardwood floor. The pad creates a cushioned step as you travel throughout your home. You can also lie down on carpet with your children or your pets and comfortably play with them.

The color of carpet is also a benefit. Colorful carpet adds a splash of style to the rooms in your home and allows you to be creative as to the color palette of each room.

Routine cleaning for carpet is much easier than for hardwood floor. Scrubbing a hardwood floor on your hands and knees needs to be done at least one time each week whereas vacuuming can be done multiple times in a week and requires very little labor to complete.

You will need to schedule professional carpet cleaning for your home as part of deep cleaning your home and this is an added expense, but the initial installation of carpet compared to hardwood floor is much cheaper – recommends professional carpet cleaning every 12 months in order to maintain your carpet.

Despite internet rumors, the truth is that carpet is better for allergy sufferers. This is because carpet is able to trap allergens and contaminants in its fibers until they are removed with vacuuming or professional cleaning whereas dust and allergens that land on hardwood floor will eventually recirculate into the air you breathe in your home.

You can see there are several benefits to both carpet and hardwood floor. The choice probably does come down to your style preference. If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, we would recommend hardwood floor. If you want your home to feel more cozy and comfortable, we recommend carpet.

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How Should I Plan a Deep Clean of My Home?

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Every person wants to have a comfortable home that’s clean and welcoming. However, this can only be achieved by deep cleaning your home on a regular basis. Some homeowners find it quite challenging and overwhelming considering the amount of effort and time required to achieve these results. Deep cleaning will give the peace of mind you need.

How often?

The frequency of deep cleaning your home will depend on your goals as an individual. However, it’s recommended to deep clean your home at least twice every year. If your home receives more visitors or seems to have health issues and dust problems, consider doing it more often.

Which areas are you supposed to deep clean?

The areas that need to be deep cleaned include your walls and windows, the baseboards, ceiling fans, crown moldings, window frames and sills, HVAC vents, the tile underneath your furniture, door frames and your carpet. Those hard to reach areas that you often leave when cleaning and vacuuming your home should also be deep cleaned. Find someone to help move your bed so that you can clean the area under your bed and remove any dirt.

Hiring a Cleaner vs. DIY Deep Cleaning

If you’re like most Americans, you’ll agree that there’s just no enough time to do you daily responsibilities at work and still spend time with your family. That means hiring professional cleaning services would be a good choice. It’s a great way of saving time as you concentrate on other important things that matter to you. Hiring a professional cleaning service will guarantee you peace of mind.

However, if you choose to do the job yourself, you’ll need to plan your day. You have to decide whether or not you’ll be doing deep cleaning your home along with your regular cleaning. Secondly, you might need to list down the specific areas on your home that will be part of your deep cleaning project. Once you’re sure of the areas that need cleaning, go ahead and prepare the cleaning solutions and tools needed. You might also need a helping hand and additional equipment such as a ladder. Remember to treat yourself after the job.

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